supply chain PHILOSOPHY


Close collaboration and integration are the foundations upon which we build the long-lasting relationships we share with our clients. By becoming a natural extension of your business, we can deliver true value.  Allowing you to focus on your core activities with the assurance that your supply chain is fully optimized.

By taking a holistic view and working closely with our customers, at every level and at every stage, we become a natural extension of their business. This enables us to deliver true value and work in a meaningful win-win environment.


Designed to help you make your supply chain as efficient as possible, Horizon’s experts analyse your current logistics operations, understand your goals, and recommends solutions that can help achieve them.

Get a detailed diagnosis including:

  • An understanding of your strategic priorities through consultative interviews
  • Identifying bottlenecks in your supply chain
  • Creating a supply chain map to consider optimisation opportunities
  • A benchmarking of your key performance indicators against industry peers and best-in-class companies
  • Data and process reviews focusing on the symptoms identified by the benchmarking report.


Based on the diagnosis, our team of experts propose possible scenarios & prioritise the most practical solutions. An implementation roadmap is then drawn out including those solutions most suited to help you meet your business objectives.