Costums Solutions


Expedient customs services are essential to optimise fast transit times by sea or air and for gaining the full benefits of running a lean supply chain. CC has invested heavily in this area, providing online connections with appropriate authorities to facilitate electronic submission at all major ports and airports.

Our services as International Freight Forwarders are fully licensed and approved and all required undertakings have been made with the relevant official agencies. For example, we can make payments of Import Duties and taxes on behalf of customers if they do not have this facility themselves.

We work with customers to meet their needs for bonded or alternative customs solutions. This ensures that cash-flow is used effectively and the correct levels of Import taxes and duty reliefs are identified where these apply.

Connections Cargo

Connections Cargo is our dynamic single systems solution, a best-in-class online platform to meet your every need across the freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain arenas.

hiCloud stitches all our systems together and re-presents the data in a consistent and easily-digestible form, for quick analysis and review.

Our software developers have worked closely with our logistics experts to create a multi-functional tool, one that simplifies data flow and gives you the reporting power to streamline your supply chain.