Connections Supply


The Connections Cargo Supply module links all our systems together. The module is designed to offer a full supply chain system solution from purchase order submission, through to final delivery, wherever in the world.

The key benefit to Connections Cargo is to provide complete end-to-end visibility at all key stages within the supply chain. This visibility extends to SKU and Quantity level. This is supported by exceptions reporting through dashboards for speed and ease of use, aided by comprehensive reporting tools.

Connections Cargo also offers full data integration across multiple platforms, delivering total visibility of inventory in motion and the ability to allocate it to the most appropriate channel and in the most cost-effective way.

In today’s world of commerce, speed to market is an ever increasing competitive advantage. Connections Cargo Supply links the entire supply chain so that you have visibility throughout that process, enabling you to manage a complex, multi-channel supply chain with complete confidence.

Imagine an environment where you had total control and visibility over your products and supply chain partners. Connections Cargo makes that world possible.

Connections Cargo

Connections Cargo is our dynamic single systems solution, a best-in-class online platform to meet your every need across the freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain arenas.

hiCloud stitches all our systems together and re-presents the data in a consistent and easily-digestible form, for quick analysis and review.

Our software developers have worked closely with our logistics experts to create a multi-functional tool, one that simplifies data flow and gives you the reporting power to streamline your supply chain.