Industry sectors


Horizon offers a complete product preparation service for goods destined for Amazon warehouses (UK, Europe and USA)
using their fulfilment by Amazon FBA preparation service.

We can receive your products directly from your suppliers, check, collate, polybag and apply new barcodes as necessary, all in compliance with Amazon’s requirements.

Our team will book delivery slots directly with Amazon Fulfilment Centres and ship consignments to your designated warehouse, where products can be made immediately available for online selling.

Amazon FBA Preparation Services we offer include:

  • International Freight Forwarding from origin vendor
  • Customs Clearance
  • Receiving and Checking
  • Barcode Labelling
  • Packing & Palletisation
  • Booking Delivery Slots
  • Delivery to Amazon Fulfilment Centres


Horizon International provides logistics services to the automotive industry. This is one of the most complex sectors of all due to the ever-increasing flow of materials between continents and the diverse range of supply chain strategies employed.


We provide Freight Forwarding and Logistics services for the healthcare sector. This is designed to manage the global physical movement and visibility requirements across large and complex global supply chains.

Consumer electronics

For businesses in the hi-tech and consumer electronics industries, constant innovations and disruptions can bring complications, as well as opportunities.

Retail & FMCG

In large volume and intricate supply chains where forecasting and planning can be complex, cost control, flexibility of service and visibility are critical to ensure availability of products in store – on time every time!


In the 21st century, the traditional publisher’s supply chain has become an extended global activity with print being sourced from across the world. With unpredictable product demand and global distribution, this can be challenging to manage.


Horizon has provided Freight Forwarding Services and Logistics solutions to Ship Spares and AOG supply chain customers for many years. We support every requirement from the manufacturing process, through to delivery to the end customer.